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CNC machine traders in India


Our bright future comes from a shaded past

Welcome to JGG Traders, the prime shoulder of the manufacturing landscape in India. Our journey began in 2016 with just an idea. The idea was to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape in India. Since we started, we have been committed to providing cutting-edge CNC, VMC, and HMC machines in India.

In our early days, we sensed the necessity of the best CNC machine suppliers in India. From defining necessity to becoming one of the leading trading companies, JGG Traders has come a long way. Compassion is our trademark of service. We believe that precision does not come from a long existence but from effectively existing. And our beliefs reflect in our machinery.

Global Elevation

At JGG Traders, we weave borders to provide the machines that are best in machining technology. We source high-quality used CNC, VMC, and HMC machines from Canada, a global hub of technological advancements. Our approach involves importing machine components from various parts of Canada and seamlessly assembling them at our facilities in India. By narrowing international expertise with local strategies, we deliver machines that scale to global standards at a competitive price. Our commitment is to take the manufacturing landscape of India beyond boundaries. We are working effortlessly to connect manufacturers in India with cutting-edge solutions from around the world.

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To elevate India’s Manufacturing landscape globally


Our vision at JGG Traders is to become a pan-India trading company that will be known for providing the best-used CNC, VMC, and HMC machines to India’s manufacturing companies. We are crafting a tomorrow that will let every manufacturer, big or small, have access to these heavy machines. We are consistently pushing our boundaries of dedication and innovation. We are working sincerely to empower businesses to scale up in a gradually evolving industrial landscape.

Our focus lies in sustaining the culture of collaboration towards technological advancement. JGG Traders is the fuel of progress. We were, we are, and we will be shaping the future of the manufacturing landscape in India with precision machinery solutions. Join us on this revolutionary journey to redefine the undefined manufacturing landscape of India.